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Iconic Roofing delivers high-quality residential roofing and exterior services in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties

With Iconic Roofing’s exterior services, you’ll have a safe and beautiful house without breaking the bank

24-Hour Emergency Service

Don’t let a leaking roof keep you awake at night — give us a call and we’ll fix it fast.


We deliver replacement, repair, and consulting services, always using the right products for your needs and budget.
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We’ll handle broken parts, install soundproof windows, and recommend the right type of windows for your home.
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From a dislocated latch to improper door closing, we’ve got you covered.
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We’ll make your home look fresh again by professionally fixing peeling paint, warped panels, and more.
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Choosing the right roofing contractor means more than beautiful results, but it also saves you time, headaches, and thousands of dollars for years to come.

Home maintenance is not just about getting your installation and repair work done fast and beautifully. It’s also about choosing the right material for each part of your property and installing the pieces properly, so everything lasts through rain or shine for years to come. With Iconic Roofing as your contractor, you can rest easy knowing that your roofing and exteriors will be done efficiently and just right — for a price that doesn’t break the bank.
Our skilled and seasoned Delaware roofing specialists will take a thorough look at your current exteriors and pinpoint the root causes behind leaks or prematurely warped panels. We’ll then recommend the appropriate material for your new exterior pieces and put everything in place quickly. With Iconic Roofing, expensive and unnecessary house repairs will become a thing of the past and your house will finally be the beautiful and safe place it’s supposed to be.

Delaware’s one-stop shop for roofing and home maintenance services

We understand that finding a list of contractors you can trust for different home maintenance needs is energy-draining. It means researching, comparing prices, and explaining your needs and concerns many times over. Iconic Roofing saves our clients from all this trouble by delivering a comprehensive range of roofing and exterior services that include inspection, installation, and repairs for roof, windows, doors, sidings, gutters, and more.

Outstanding customer service. Transparency. Competitive pricing.

Iconic Roofing is a small family-run business. We understand that when it comes to your home maintenance, you want more than professional service at affordable prices. You also want a friendly and courteous team who explains things in clear and simple language, and will go the extra mile to put a smile on your face. We deliver just that.
The teams at Iconic Roofing will always listen to your functional and budgetary needs and address your issues with the right solutions. We complete our services quickly, so you can enjoy quality time in your iconic and comfortable home as soon as possible.

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Why settle for any roof when you can have an Iconic Roof?


With the right Delaware roofer, getting top-quality roofing and exterior services is easy and affordable

Talk to Iconic Roofing about your needs and we’ll deliver just that.