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What Is It That Those Guys (and Gals) Do?

You found a roofing company by searching “Delaware roofing company near me” and maybe you’ve scheduled a roofing job on your home in the coming months. Or are watching one out of your kitchen window that a neighbor is having done. Ever wonder what a roofer’s day is like? Other than it starting earlier than […]

Inspecting and Replacing Roof Shingles

So, how did your roof do over the winter? Had a chance to take a quick look at it yet? See any shingles that look a little worse for the wear and tear? Rugged winter weather and the freeze-thaw cycle can usually find your roof’s weak links, those individual shingles that aren’t up to the […]

Build a new skylight for your Delaware home

Maybe after a dreary winter—and with spring just around the corner—the idea of installing a few skylights to open up your home to the sunlight hits the sweet spot. Here are a few things to keep in mind. The first reminder is that Iconic Roofing & Exteriors handles skylight installations—and any other work needed on […]

how to fix roof punctures?

Usually, a roof needs fixing because it’s old. Shingles disintegrate, the roof deck gets wonky in spots, and it’s time to do some repairs or install a new set of shingles. But sometimes something small happens—hard to notice without a close inspection—and a localized problem spreads. We’re talking roof damages and roof punctures here. Because […]

a crucial part of the home, gutter.

Gutter repair and installation We’re not going to claim that gutter inspections are the most glamorous aspect of our business. But they are a vital one. And now’s the time to schedule an inspection for when the weather warms up again. The fact is winter can do a number on your gutters. And failing gutters […]