Delaware roofing company
What Is It That Those Guys (and Gals) Do?

You found a roofing company by searching “Delaware roofing company near me” and maybe you’ve scheduled a roofing job on your home in the coming months. Or are watching one out of your kitchen window that a neighbor is having done.

Ever wonder what a roofer’s day is like? Other than it starting earlier than you’d like?

Well, now we’ll give you an idea of how a typical day for the Iconic Roofing & Exteriors crew unfolds. And remember, if you need any roofing or related exterior work done in the Wilmington and New Castle areas of Delaware, or neighboring regions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, remember to give us a call.

Every Day Starts With Safety

This is the mantra of the roofing industry, which—due to its very nature—is dangerous. In fact, it ranks as one of the five most dangerous jobs in the American economy, right up there with commercial fishing and logging.

Since most of the work is done at heights, where a quick misstep can lead to disaster, roofers have to be deliberate in their movements. That starts first thing, when safety harnesses, ladders, scaffolding, and lifts are double-checked to ensure they are in working order. This also extends to calculating what areas beneath the work zone might be damaged if something falls—including old shingles—meaning windows, vehicles, and flowerbeds need to be protected before the roofing part of the day begins.

Sometimes this safety check happens the day before by watching the weather report. If it’s obvious heavy weather is in store, then scheduling changes have to be made. Not only are wet surfaces far more dangerous to work on but swinging a hammer or shooting a nail gun makes us a decent lightning rod.

Hit the Roof Running

Well, we don’t really run on the roof, but when the weather is right there is a need to work efficiently and with purpose. There are only so many hours of light in a day and only so many sunny days during construction season. This is the primary reason that, when we are working a roof, we start so annoyingly early in the morning.

Whatever the specific task of the day—tearing off old shingles, laying sheathing, installing the new roof—it needs to get done at a good clip so that each distinct step in the process is finished before nightfall or a change in the weather.

That does not mean we’ll work straight-out for hours on end. Working on a roof is exhausting, especially if it’s hot and sunny, and dehydration is a real risk. So too is getting sloppy, which is not a good thing in a job that usually demands keeping one’s sense of balance on sloping surfaces while doing work where the details matter. Breaks are important for rehydrating, recharging the powers of concentration necessary, and maybe altering plans in case something unexpected is discovered (like some wood rot in the sheathing) or inclement weather popping up unexpectedly.

That’s A Wrap

When it’s time to call it a day, an interval has to be put aside to make sure the worksite is secure. Anything that can blow off a roof has to be removed or secured. Materials have to be protected from rain and tools from thieves. Ladders can’t be left up right where they might get knocked down or climbed by anyone looking for adventure. All of that is part of the workday too.

A good roofing crew is like a good sports team, working hard and working together, following a certain rhythm to their work. If you have any roofing needs in your future, please consider letting the Iconic Roofing & Exteriors team handle them.