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We deliver high-quality, cost-effective residential roofing and exterior services in Camden, Cherry Hill,

and throughout South Jersey

With Iconic Roofing’s exterior services, you’ll have a safe and beautiful house without breaking the bank

24-Hour Emergency Service

Don’t let a leaking roof keep you awake at night — give us a call and we’ll fix it fast.


We deliver replacement, repair, and consulting services, always using the right products for your needs and budget.
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We’ll handle broken parts, install soundproof windows, and recommend the right type of windows for your home.
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From a dislocated latch to improper door closing, we’ve got you covered.
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We’ll make your home look fresh again by professionally fixing peeling paint, warped panels, and more.
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Roofing installation, repairs, and home maintenance shouldn’t cause you headaches or break the bank — Iconic Roofing makes sure you experience none of that.

To keep your space beautiful and durable throughout the years, you need proper home maintenance services from a contractor who understands your needs and knows the best ways to meet them. This is especially true with your exteriors like roof, windows, doors, and sidings, because they are exposed to harsh climate conditions including heat, wind, rain, and more.
Each element of your house comes in different materials and requires specific care, and the skilled and experienced teams at Iconic Roofing can handle all of these properly, and at a price that doesn’t strain your budget.

New Jersey’s one-stop shop for roofing and home maintenance services

A single reliable contractor is 10 times more convenient than working with different vendors to maintain your roof and home exteriors. Iconic Roofing delivers just that — we offer a wide range of services that include inspection, installation, and repairs for roof, windows, doors, sidings, gutters, and more.

Client-oriented services. Clear communication. Competitive pricing.

We understand that when it comes to home maintenance, you need more than exterior elements that keep your house beautiful and safe. You’re also looking for a contractor who’ll tell you everything you need to know without using jargon or hiding prices. Iconic Roofing does just that because we want to present the best possible options for you to choose from.
We’ll take the time to understand both your functional and budgetary needs before recommending the right material for each exterior part of your home. With over 40 years of combined experience working with clients across New Jersey, our courteous and professional team will make sure your home is nothing but your very own iconic and safe space.

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With the right roofing contractor, transforming your South Jersey home doesn’t have to break the bank

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