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Windows Should Be Barriers to the Cold

Window repair and installation

When your house needs Window repair or installation cold breeze to the rooms is common. Starting to think about the cold days ahead? Imagining the chilly drafts first thing in the morning? Eyeing those old windows and wondering if they’re up to the task ahead?

Windows are a huge factor in the home heating equation. The heat gain/loss transmitted through windows makes up 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy consumption. When considering an investment in your home that will quickly pay for itself—via lower fuel and electrical bills—there is no better place to start than replacing older, inefficient windows with newer, better-designed ones.

Iconic Roofing & Exteriors are experts in window installation and repair, including skylights. From our headquarters in New Castle, Delaware, we provide services throughout our home state and the greater Philadelphia area, including southern New Jersey.

Drafts are the telltale sign that windows are no longer up to the job. But they are only the most obvious symptom. The fact is windows with a low insulation value are basically heat transfer stations that can make your house the proverbial slab of Swiss cheese when it comes to keeping the heat in your house (and the cool in during the summer).

Several fundamental problems can develop with windows. With wood-frame windows, the glazing putty gets brittle and loosens, creating gaps where air can move freely, or the frames shrink, creating the same problem. With vinyl or aluminum windows, gaskets and weather stripping wear out and need to be replaced.

Our repair technicians can inspect all the windows in your house to see if such routine maintenance needs to happen, including finding seals that need to be repaired so that the window’s R-value (the measurement of resistance to conductive heat flow) can be restored.

Any older single-pane windows are way out of date. Modern double- and triple-pane windows use modern engineering—including the use of argon or krypton gas to fill the space between glass panes—to create windows with much higher R-values.

With relatively newer multi-paned windows, a sure sign of a low R-value is condensation between the panes of glass. That means the gas compressed between the panes has escaped, severely compromising the insulating properties of the window. This is a common occurrence as windows age.

Another feature of current window technology is the Low-E glass coating that is standard now. This invisible, added layer reflects internal heat and exterior sunlight off the glass to make them a far better insulating surface.

When your home’s older windows are too far gone to repair and new ones are the best choice, Iconic Roofing & Exteriors can install them. This includes adding well-placed skylights, which not only open up interiors to sunlight but also harnesses passive solar energy to heat rooms during the day. We also offer a full range of skylight maintenance services.

Winter is on the way so now’s the time to have your windows serviced. If you think your home needs Window repair or installation contact us