Your Roof Has Had It Harder Than You This Summer

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Now that the dog days of summer are approaching their conclusion, it’s a good time to go down the list of what your roof has been going through. It might be time to schedule an autumn inspection if the heat and sun have taken their toll. Iconic Roofing & Exteriors can handle any kind of […]

What Is It That Those Guys (and Gals) Do?

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You found a roofing company by searching “Delaware roofing company near me” and maybe you’ve scheduled a roofing job on your home in the coming months. Or are watching one out of your kitchen window that a neighbor is having done. Ever wonder what a roofer’s day is like? Other than it starting earlier than […]

Inspecting and Replacing Roof Shingles

masthead inspecting and replacing roof shingles

So, how did your roof do over the winter? Had a chance to take a quick look at it yet? See any shingles that look a little worse for the wear and tear? Rugged winter weather and the freeze-thaw cycle can usually find your roof’s weak links, those individual shingles that aren’t up to the […]

Build a new skylight for your Delaware home

Maybe after a dreary winter—and with spring just around the corner—the idea of installing a few skylights to open up your home to the sunlight hits the sweet spot. Here are a few things to keep in mind. The first reminder is that Iconic Roofing & Exteriors handles skylight installations—and any other work needed on […]

how to fix roof punctures?

roof punctures

Usually, a roof needs fixing because it’s old. Shingles disintegrate, the roof deck gets wonky in spots, and it’s time to do some repairs or install a new set of shingles. But sometimes something small happens—hard to notice without a close inspection—and a localized problem spreads. We’re talking roof damages and roof punctures here. Because […]

a crucial part of the home, gutter.

gutter inspection

Gutter repair and installation We’re not going to claim that gutter inspections are the most glamorous aspect of our business. But they are a vital one. And now’s the time to schedule an inspection for when the weather warms up again. The fact is winter can do a number on your gutters. And failing gutters […]

The Workhorse of a House’s Exterior

Delaware single roofing

You’ve probably looked at them more than once today. They’re all around, in the background, every time you leave or return home and are very likely protecting your house, not to mention you, from the elements right now. Asphalt shingles are the grunt worker of a home’s exterior. Reliable, steady, on the job for 20 […]

Windows Should Be Barriers to the Cold

window replace and installation

Window repair and installation When your house needs Window repair or installation cold breeze to the rooms is common. Starting to think about the cold days ahead? Imagining the chilly drafts first thing in the morning? Eyeing those old windows and wondering if they’re up to the task ahead? Windows are a huge factor in […]

You Want Some Flow in Your Attic

A well-ventilated roof is a happy roof. But did you even know this was on the homeowner’s test? The attic is traditionally the most forgotten part of a house. Basements are more accessible; even crawl spaces have to be maintained because of the plumbing that everyone depends on daily. But attics, which are the foundation […]